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My name is Tatsuya Hakokawa from Japan, I’m the director of Japanese Non-Profit Organization corporation WITHYOU(3020005015724 corporate number in Japan)

First my English is very poor so very difficult to lead but I want to write myself so …sorry about that when you have time please read them. (;-;)

What is your image of Japan?

A wonderful service that welcomes customers with a smile if you go to the restaurant. Sushi, Ramen and Yakiniku,
it’s very nice country if you go on a trip.

But do you want to live in Japan?

I actually lived in Australia for 4 years, and I talked to a lot of foreigners at that time.

Only people who want to live in Japan already have money, and those who have lived in Japan don’t want to live anymore.

Why do you think? Because Overwork is commonplace, when it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises, if you don’t work overtime for free, people around look at you with cold stare

How can We go back home ? every day they look at me if I leave on time.

Japan is a “country that reads the atmosphere” so everyone can’t go home even if You want to go home on time, the atmosphere will tell you what will happen if You go home. Bullying begins, it makes you  so you have to hard work for avoid it, and there are a lot of companies like this in Japan.

So, work from morning to late at night and stay at the office even if you don’t have anything to work.

We call this a “Black Company” that makes you work overtime for free.

The salary you can get about 180,000 yen ($1300) for the starting salary, and if you pay rent, insurance, and taxes, the remaining salary is about 50,000 yen ($360) a month! and everything will disappear with food expenses, it’s painful.

Why do you join such a company? We will never talk about my salary at the first job interview, and We don’t know until We go in, if it’s a normal educational background, there are only companies like this. If it’s a part-time job, you’ll be ridiculed, so if you’re a full-time employee, you have no choice but to do your best even if it’s cheap, you can’t choose.

According to the National Tax Agency’s “2020 Private Salary Survey”, the average annual income of Japanese people is about 4.33 million yen, According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Outline of the Wage Structure Basic Statistical Survey for 2021”, “Monthly Labor Survey Results for September 2021”, and “Monthly Labor Survey Results for February 2022”, annual income The median price was about 3.99 million yen. When looking at numerical data, the “average value” is often used. However, if you look at the median annual income, you can see the real situation more than looking at the average value. The reason why the average value is far from the middle number is that the annual income of all the people who are measured is added up and divided by the number of people. This is because it has been lifted. This makes the average annual income higher than the average annual income.

ageannual income
under 19119万円($9,153)
20~24 (all)239万円($18,384)
参照:「令和2年分 民間給与実態統計調査」P21 

Then why don’t you quit and get a different job?

Most of Japan’s salary system is closed end of the month then paid next end of month. In other words, We can’t get paid for two months, and as soon as I change jobs in a life where I only have 50,000 yen left, I’m homeless. So if you put up with it and work for about 2 years, you may be able to change jobs.

This is the Very important point that system makes us big stress. You can’t get money 2month if you get new job.

Every day for the past two years, We wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning while working overtime for free and go home at 8-9 o’clock at night, and the money left at hand occasionally on holidays is about 50,000 yen. What is fun to live? All I can do is watching anime and plaing games.

Stress in the company, the stress of money, the stress that you always have to smile on your work time , stress that you can’t complain to people this is educational of Japan

“you should be patient“

As a result, Japan came to be said to be a country with a lot of suicide.

Do you know ? even office work you have to be smile this is “Smile stress” so crazy.

Then should we get counseling once in a while?

There is no culture of counseling in Japan, Japanese people are shy We don’t tell people about ourselves , so even if We are stressed We smile until the end of life.

So what should we do? I thought, most of the stress can be solved with money in the case of Japanese people, it’s sad, but it’s real. However, there is no end to donating directly to them, because for example, I just gave a day’s worth of bread to a person who is in distress on an uninhabited island, and I will have to give that person bread ever after that.

What we do is not give bread, but to give wisdom.

First of all, learn from foreign countries and regularly send counseling emails free of charge to stabilize stress.

This avoids the worst.

Next is the money problem, the Japanese government is also taking measures for people who are suffering in various ways, such as benefit systems and subsidies systems.

However, the Japanese government does not know the people, what kind of system is there in such a case, you can get benefits if you apply for benefits like this. If you don’t look it up yourself on website , it won’t come out.

People who work all the time from morning to night don’t spend their precious time accessing government sites to look it up.

When They get home from work, Just eat, take a shower, prepare for tomorrow’s work, and the day is over. They don’t talk to people more and more, then They are finally at their limit.

Before that happens, I want to say it out loud that『if you are like this, there is such a subsidy system! In this case, you can get it if you apply for benefits!』

But I’m not famous.  I have 200 followers on SNS, how can I spread it…..  So I was thinking, let’s build a website( and get influencers to promote it!

So we are looking for someone who donat us. We need help from overseas people who love Japan.

Please give me the power to teach the Japanese who are suffering from the island how to escape.

I realized the Japanease situation when I studied in Australia in 2017.  I was 30 years old and it was my first time abroad.  In Sydney I was shocked by the high salary and paid every 2weeks I got a cultural shock .

Also I got friends diffrent age people at work.  Because Japanese has honorifics, it is difficult to get along with people of different ages, so I was impressed because I could make friends everywhere it was very very nice experienced for me. In Japan case I was only playing games at home and go work then just sleep……what is life? why am I existing? I was a little sick but in Sydney I was fishing, exercising, going to cafes, and on Halloween I became Wally’s zombie lol. that’s best memory in my life but I can’t live there because I’m Japanease After returning to Japan, I have a lot to think about Japan…why Japan is stress cuntry I researched a lot and thought a lot then I made nonprofit organization with 10 peopole of my friend and my sister and younger brother for us and I decided to write this article before I forgot English.  I thought somoone need to say loud so I will do 『please help us!』

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